The organising framework for this portal is to list resources or activities in relation to the eight areas of business excellence set out across the top of the home page. Click on any of these and you will be taken to a listing of on-line resources where the primary classification is that heading.

Search on that search term anywhere in the portal and you get not only a list of resources that primarily address that topic – as shown on that page(s) under that heading -but also resources that are concerned with that topic secondarily

Scroll down a listing and you see you get a short summary. What is the resource concerned to do? Who is it likely to help? Click on the resource and you get a practically-focused abstract with more information.

Can't find what you are looking for? Try a free text search by clicking on the "find resource" button at the top right corner of most pages. Free text searches will search our metadata. Looking for something on workforce? Type in workforce. Looking for something on learning and development? Type that into the search. Want to exclude older resources? Deselect the year(s) you are not interested in searching. Similarly with the other tags -to limit the number of results and focus on what you are primarily interested in, tick the relevant box.