Costing and Pricing Learning Program

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You won't find a more targeted and relevant resource for small not-for-profit organisations on costing and pricing under the NDIS that is available free on the 'net'


The site is an integrated set of resources involving  a study guide, case studies, face-to-face seminars and webinars. 

This is a great resource with excellent integration. 

The key target audience is smaller organisations with up to approximately $12 million in annual turnover although we think it is probably more useful to organisations at the lower end of that scale who have never undertaken unit pricing or other business-based financial assessment. 

TO GET VALUE FROM THIS SITE the user needs to understand the logic of what is provided and the relationship of the resources to each other. 

The key resource is the study guide, but to effectively follow what is provided  - the registered user (registration is FREE and only involves  providing an email address - there are no other process requirements) - should click on the 'resources - access your library' and download, we suggest, a whole copy of the study guide and all seven of the tools.  This gives you the primary materials to make sense of the webinars and, if you choose to look at it, the slides of seminar 3 which takes people through the two pricing tools that are comprised of excel templates. 

Traps for young players to note; the website does not display well in Internet Explorer - use Chrome or another browser to get a better view and don't assume that all the webinars are linear starting at webinar 1 and building from there.  While there is an element of this, it is clear that many of the webinars are intended to cover a lot of the same ground but for different audiences or addressing different issues. 

The webinars and the material generally are easy-paced and present simplified examples. 

This clearly extends the range of audiences that they will be suitable for but they may be too slow or too simple for those with some accounting background.  Particularly with facilitation by an experienced finance trainer, they can be used for effective reinforcement and away from the 'classroom' homework. 

Each of the webinars is around 25 minutes long.  All the materials have been provided under a creative commons copyright licence -  which permits full reproduction with attribution of the Curtin University Not-for-Profit initiative.

Resource Information

  • Author: Curtin University & NDS
  • Date: 2015
  • Target Audience: Any or all
  • Access to Item is free?: Yes
  • Type of Resource: Integrated resource