Ready4 is a project of information and resources for disability services operating in the ACT and funded by the ACT and Commonwealth Governments to help preparation for the NDIS. When the project was running fully, disability service providers in the ACT could register to attend ready4 workshops, seminars and communities of interest – concerned with transition to the NDIS and collaboration and partnerships. Organisations were also able to also list their training or other activities happening in the ACT through 2016.

Providers did not and do not need to be from the ACT to get benefit. This site is also, and perhaps first and foremost, a portal for all organisations interested in on-line resources.

Who can use this portal? Anyone! Who will get most benefit from it? Someone who uses the filters and guides to focus on what they really want to find; someone who gives us feedback about what they want, what is working for them – so that we can better target and enhance in that area.

Come here to find, not just a library of what the ready4 partners have produced to assist organisations successfully provide services under or transition to the NDIS; but a comprehensive and growing library of such resources – whoever has produced them!  While now current only at the end of 2016, this is still an effective library for many providers looking to be NDIS ready.  Many of the resources are on sites that continue to be updated and you can therefore still expect to provide material that continues to be updated. 

There are websites that provide information about accommodation, air travel, legal materials, academic papers on different subjects and the like. We’ve taken those ideas of collation and assessment to give you a unique resource. The ready4 portal is not just a collection of on-line material about getting ready for the NDIS but a collection that is organised and focused on practical materials: where we use our knowledge and skill to select what is useful, tell you why and for whom and organise it in a consistent way to help you be a successful disability service provider under the NDIS.

A lot of work has been done by a lot of different people and made available for us all to use to be successful under the NDIS -so let’s not miss that opportunity. Preparing organisations for the NDIS is a process that is happening nationally. There are great resources out there – suitable for all. And you can find them via this site.

How did we do this? We used the national reach and specialised NDIS knowledge of National Disability Services, the peak body for disability service providers in the ACT. And drew on the expertise and national and ACT knowledge of NDS’ ready4 partners, RSM and ACTCOSS.

So, this portal is your window to a smorgasbord of tools, webinars, guides, toolkits and leaning and development materials and programs that have already been produced to help organisations be successful under the NDIS. Take them seriously, engage meaningfully with the tools and processes and you will undoubtedly benefit.